Rohan Ramanath is an entrepreneur and technologist experienced in developing intelligent data products and systems. He was a Sr. Staff Engineer, the AI technical lead, for LinkedIn’s fastest-growing line of business - ads, bringing in $3 billion in annual revenue. Rohan studied Computer Science as an undergrad and got his master's degree from Carnegie Mellon University where he was accepted into the Ph.D. program for Machine Learning. His research was published at top-tier conferences for AI and NLP, where he also serves as a reviewer.

At LinkedIn, efficient marketplaces were key to creating economic opportunities for every member of the global workforce. Rohan’s work on extreme-scale linear programming solvers contributed a step-function improvement to marketplaces between, (a) job seekers and recruiters (hiring), (b) content creators and active audience (advertising, news feed), (c) senders and receivers of connection requests (professional networking).

During the period of hyper-growth for LinkedIn Ads, his work on incremental learning developed a new class of machine learning models to combine disparate sources of data for hyper-personalization at the user level. Through personalization, his models contributed $xxx million in realized revenue. His work contributed to data products that resulted in 2-5x higher return-on-ad-spend, improved audience targeting, conversion, platform engagement, and was more effective at driving brand lift than other top platforms.

Prior to LinkedIn, Rohan developed algorithms to understand web-scale unstructured textual data at Carnegie Mellon University, and earlier at Microsoft Research India. He started his entrepreneurial journey 10 years ago with an edtech consumer product that was used by 100k users.

In his free time, Rohan enjoys running, hiking, and angel investing in great founders. He had a brief career as a professional speed skater and was part of the Indian national team at the world speed skating championship.

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